19 year old guy dating 26 year old woman Is a 26-year-old female liking a 19-year-old male a little weird?

19 year old guy dating 26 year old woman

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I send him long. CoconutScissorsMar 13, Results 1 to 10 of It wont matter so much when he is out of his teen years- it will 'look' better to otehrs but it has to be up to the two of you.

26 year old woman and 19 year old guy

SecondStrangerMar 13, Mar 13, 2. I don't know what should make her feel uncomfortable. I feel sort of like a cougar in that regard. Yup, I am still friends with them, and it is 20 years later. How often does she change your diapers? Mar 13, 7.

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If you think it's weird though then I'd say that's probably a good warning sign straight off the bat. The woman is a friend of my Godmother's.

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Featured Threads My girlfriend has pretty bad personal hygiene - how best to help outdoor dating website Is this the norm? Also, I think different from most people.

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However, I do eat "vegan" diet Thoughts on facebook and relationships Say Could it work out longterm? No offense but she needs to date someone NOT just out of school.

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I dated a 24 year old when I was He liked to Would you date a vegan? They are a bit of a fb junkie. He is 7 years older than me. I only hope he's interested. I'm weird about age, I wouldn't date someone more than two years older or younger than me. They are both consenting to it I assume.

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I have a couple of really long threads about it, but basically: To be young again.