30 vs 50 amp rv hookup Can I Plug My 30 Amp RV Into A 50 Amp Plug Without Damage?

30 vs 50 amp rv hookup

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However, we recently had a scare that Amperage ratings are about how much the circuit can handle on its end, not about pushing power to your end. Dec 30, Messages: The size difference allows you to go to more places like campgrounds on government forest land where 20 amp service may only be available.

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They may be saving a few dollars per night by plugging into amp service. Rating Plugging in a 30 amp campert to 50 amp outlet at an rv park by: So, I ended up buying the 50A to 30A pigtail and use it if I feel the 30A receptacle might be damaged. Very few places let you use these, but there are enough places I have one.

Many RVs with 30 amp hookups provide a switch that toggles between the air conditioner and another device like the microwave to keep you from tripping the circuit breaker on the campground power pedestal.

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A 50 amp plug is really two 50 amp circuits. It just gives me piece of mind. Nov 16, Messages: There are also two 20A breakers, each one supplying one air conditioner.

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Because in that scenario your just splitting the same single black hot leg on the 30 amp plug to feed both the red and black on the 50 amp plug. Click here to shop!

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They add to the load. We've used it but never when we needed to be able to run both ac's. I had my GFCI blow, and it took me several hours to figure out why. Our motor home has a watt Onan generator to use to power all of our onboard devices.

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How do you know when you have an incorrectly wired Shore Power Pedestal? Click on the HTML link code below. RVs built for North America all use volt appliances, except for specialty heating products such as the Cheap Heat.

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In your shoes I'd get a kill-o-watt meter and figure out the "real" power draw from everything your family uses in the RV. Is that how most campgrounds wire their 30 vs 50 amps rv hookup, if so, it sounds like a great alternative. In that 50amp service is volt what happens when I use a 50amp to 30amp adapter when 50amp service is the only option?

Have fun in your new RV!

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That will protect your wiring from overheating and possibly catching on fire.