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Baker Furniture is a company that is known for being a subsidiary of the Kohler Company. Nicks, Marks or Fine Scratches. And including a variety of reasons. His business was so successful he had to hire extra help. The expert craftsmen combine the technology and tools of modern times with the techniques and attention to detail of the original wood workers to produce quality, beautiful, reproduction Hitchcock chairs.

Area of finish loss to seat. When the sun hits the amber in the finish, it turns it yellow. Perhaps the folding or banquet chairs for an event are drab and ugly and need a makeover, or maybe the Black Hitchcock Stenciled Side Chair.

Defining Characteristics

Wonderful Hitchcock Dining Chairs! These do show signs of wear but would be a great addition to any collection. It will only bring the value up. Excellent quality Condition- very good.

Hitchcock Chairs

If you source your chairs this way, try to find local sellers that offer the option of picking the chairs up so that you can physically look at them before you buy. Often, the datings hitchcock chairs will have gold stripes and gold banding painted around the legs.

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My goal is to make They are the small, rickety chairs with the rush or cane seats, usually painted black with a lot of leaves and flowers and fruit painted all over. Auction sites like EBay allow buyers to determine the chair's value by bidding.

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An unusual but interesting set of stenciled Hitchcock style chairs. Hitchcock wanted to do the same thing with chairs. Back of chair has stenciling on the top center, sides and the middle turtle shaped piece.

For four years, the name lay dormant. Hitchcock desk chair, medium wood tone with green stenciling. As you click through our website, you'll see furnishings that may remind you of a great-grandparent, a holiday feast or a family gathering on a rainy afternoon.


While working with Silas Cheney, Hitchcock had been influenced by the dating hitchcock chairs of Eli Terry, the legendary clock maker who, to reach a wider market, designed cheap wooden works to replace expensive brass works for his clocks. To produce his wooden works in sufficient quantity, Terry devised an assembly line process of cutting and assembling the various parts.

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The little hamlet of Rivertonformerly know as Hitchcocksville, has been the home of the Hitchcock Chair Company since At Hitchcock, we would say all of the above. Rubberwood Furniture Buying Guide.

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You can take it one step further and Live hookup to levaya your pieces to us and we can do a full restoration on it. They are tight and sturdy and in very good condition and ready for a nice home.