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Heroesofthestorm matchmaking

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People have never followed the rules on reddit, you won't change it now. Is my mmr so low?

Games like these have sadly become a regular occurrence and it's getting really frustrating, to the point where we are even considering on giving up playing HOTS. But anyways if you don't like it gtfo. I just had a game where the enemy team had 2 healers and we had none.

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Of course that's because an algorithm can't see that the Uther was playing smart by allowing free BW heals to keep ppl topped off all match and only burning CDs when needed.

Queue times under 30 seconds or fuck your game.

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Done a lot of account boosting too Long queue times also has a cascading effect in that people would stop playing due to long queue times, then queue times would get even longer due to less players, and even more players would stop playing due to increasingly higher queue times. Uncertainty represents how confident the system is in knowing that players belong at their current rank or rating.

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We have decided to try out ranked mode, to see if the same problem persists there, but this is really our way of giving the game a final shot. Matchmaking is not necessarily bad but Some veteran players don't have the time to grind ranks, learn how to play with beginners specifically and after doing all of that and reaching higher rank, still get frustrating games matched with people with vastly different levels of game knowledge.

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There's a visual bug on which during the 5s it matchmakings to initialise a game, you sometimes see heroes from the enemy team as if they were the 5 heroes which would compose your team. I mostly play unranked draft with my brother and I must say that we are consistently getting matched against teams with larger parties. For me what the secret seems to be is to not play late at night.

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Because even at 4 AM my matchmaking times are like 20 seconds at most. Something happened this patch and it's all screwy. If not - it's a matchmaking.

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Not a tweak in how the matching making algorithm works. I hope this will get adressed.

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Don't have an account? This issue had been around since 1. I dont really care but saw this post, thought id give my 2 cents only because had never exp this before patch. Play unranked or ranked if you're looking for more balanced games.

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