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Laws on dating a minor in tn

In the Bible it was fine to marry a girl of age. Enter your email to get updates on this discussion. International users, click here.

Some extreme cases of earlier. God also gave dogs vaginas, that doesn't make it okay to screw them.

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The person who called the police did call anonymously, and the police questioned the girls parents. You must also define sexual relations and or penetration.

When his minor of a girl friend's parents said that they knew the two were sexually intimate and were okay with them being so the police did nothing. You are currently logged in as. See what kind of outcome you get.

Who gives you the right to declare a legal age? It doesn't matter what you think in this argument. You grandparents here in TN and the rest of the country were marrying at age 12 and above. People who do not wear deodorant. There's a law against that also.

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Yall need to double check the law for your self because I don't think much of this info is correct. If you think it's legal then do a little experiment. According to Tennessee law, the chancery court may grant a nigeria hook up website emancipation from his or her parents. Good luck with that.

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Only now in this perverted age, has these ridiculous laws been made. And a man was of age when he could bring home the meat.

Why would your god do that?

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Its only in recent law on dating a minor in tn that you had to be 18 to have sex. All of history has, without the meddling bible and their effects on laws shown that women of bearing age should be married, age of bearing didn't matter. Law on dating a minor? If you are over 18 and solicit a minor under 18 it is a violation of the law and it is a felony charge. The couple themselves told the police they were sexually intimate.

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In order to seek emancipation, the minor and " next friend " must apply in writing, including the names and addresses of the minor's parents or nearest kinand state the reason for emancipation.

More simply, why were the police involved?

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I'm with someone a year older than me. The age of consent under Tennessee Law is eighteen Call the police and report it anonymously. State will not pick up charges that are not reported, by the way.