Marriage not dating ep 10 recap Marriage, Not Dating Episode 11 Recap

Marriage not dating ep 10 recap

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Even with deeprooteded issues, she tries and tries again, as we see with her parents. That is probably one of my favorite aspects of the drama: Just felt that smile was his 'easy-going' way of masking all underlying issues, real and otherwise, including his won deep-seated vulnerabilities. I love the juxtaposition between the kiss they had in episode 6 and the hug from this episode.

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Or I'd be shocked if they did, especially with how things have been rolling. I squealed with happiness when she ran her foot up his leg after that chat, and then he tiptoed his fingers up her thigh. LOL at rape girl. Oh I wish they can find each other.

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I find it interesting that you take issue with him being so distant and uncommunicative when it's revealed this episode that that's pretty much the type of life his family has him trapped in. Also, very unlike how his character had been portrayed up to now And I have to say that the sound effects are very well placed in this drama.

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I'm too happy to write anymore for now: Se ah is still acceptable bc technically she was helping gitae and she doesnt care about jangmi. Always wanted to check it out coz the first episode recap sounds really good and am glad I get to marathon it instead.

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Unfortunately, just as Mom was starting to accept Jang Mi, she breaks her trust or so Mom believesso I can understand why she was so disappointed in her after defending her in front of her dirtbag husband who shamelessly discusses his affair in front of his family as if he has a God-given right to cheat.

It's hard not to like her.

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I finished this episode, looked at my husband, and said "I can hear the dramabeans marriages not dating ep 10 recap squealing from here. I don't understand why they are "hanging on"?? Its as if they put everything into the characters theyre playing.

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I love his reasoning, that if the worst marriage she knows can work out, then surely theirs will too.