Songs about dating a married man The 25 Greatest Songs About Infidelity

Songs about dating a married man

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The 5 best hip hop songs about cheating each convey a different emotion including, anger, playful, remorseful, and hurtf …. He suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him, so he follows her. The 10 best songs about love affairs are all about the person you love cheating on you or wishing she was with someone else.

But lay cosmic injustice aside, and bask in one of the greatest odes to a wandering eye and possibly wandering loins ever written.

Here now, then, are the twenty-five best cheatin' songs of all time.

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Every boyfriend cringes when he hears the list of the ten best cheating on my girlfriend songs. What's she's got is a heartbreaking laundry list of the reasons her man is straying and one laid-bare plead to song about dating a married man leave him alone. Everything she had, he gave her and took back.

10 Best Songs About Love Affairs

Morrison's unhinged vocal and the band's seductive sturm und drang make this one of the few Doors songs with both feet firmly planted on this plane of perception. If you have ever been cheated on by a woman, then you will want to listen to these five sad songs about women cheating.

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A lost chance at love, maybe? It's hard to convey heartbreak, dread, rage, and resignation with six strings and a slab of wood, but Hendrix made it look easy. In "You Know I'm No Good," she sounds worn out with her own behavior and exhausted by the strain of having to go through the same situations time and time again. The dark lyrics and chord changes over the typically sprightly Beatles rhythms and harmonies is a quirky juxtaposition, even if we found out from some of Lennon's lovers that that line about his temper wasn't an artistic exaggeration.

It's a last-ditch move, laced with wheedling praise.

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Songs about love affairs can either be deeply passionate and romantic or painf …. Squeeze is possibly the most underrated band of all time.

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That's… kind of nice, right? We could do an entire list of country cheatin' songs, but we've been forced to cherry-pick the best.

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Billy Paul, "Me and Mrs.