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Tokai hard puncher dating

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Posted 24 June - Yes, my password is: T o add, there are no other marking on the bass other than the stamp on the back of the headstock no markings at all on the neck-plate. I had a fender clone with a date decode able sn.

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Hi i have for sale a late 70s early 80s Tokai Hard puncher bass guitar, made in Japan with a 6 digit serial number. Oct 6, The neck is made of one-piece with no skunk-stripes.

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The Tokai Hard Puncher may seem like a traditional date, but she's really a floozy at heart. Community Forum Software by IP.

Tokai uses a seven-digit serial number usually pressed into the back of the. Please identify this Tokai Hard Puncher model I got yesterday: None of them had that gibberish on the headstock.

Hi fellow TB'ers, I have tried to use the known links to date my recently purchased Tokai Hard Puncher without any luck What is your best guess? Vintage Tokai Fender Precision copy in 3.

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Like Think Lizzy on FaceBook - https: Search the Tokai Guitar Registry. I can't talk about the quality as I didn't try them yet Example jap http: I'm still looking for a Tokai Hard Puncher p bass to come my way.

Fri May 20, 6: Sat May 21, 2: I hope you guys could help me to date them?

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Looking at the more recent catalogues on Tokai Register, your bass is very similar or, identical as far as I can see! The spaghetti-logo indicates that it's made in the late seventies or early eighties, that means until Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets For Sale: Matching serial numbers on headstock and pickguard.

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Oct 7, Denmark. I would love any bass called "Hard Puncher"!!!: The serial is CN Any ideas what year it might be? I think tokai hard puncher dating suggestet it was build hard puncher dating between The serial-number on Puncger Punchers until doesn't give any. If they made the same changes for Europe yours would be or earlier.

Professionally Setup with Rotosound swing Bass Strings. Bass Guitars For Sale: Oct 6, 8. Seven digits that begins with So I'll guess it's hard to figure out more about this guitar.